Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate crystalline salt of a white, yellowish or gray in color, well soluble in water. 

Fertilizer chemically more sour than ammonium nitrate. It recommended for application on non-acidic ( base saturation ), in soils and on acid provided liming.

Ammonium sulfate may be made in the autumn. Fertilizer valuable sulfur. Used fertilizer for the ground or preplant.

When applied to the soil ammonium sulphate dissolves rapidly. Nitrate groups absorbed soil absorbent complex, which holds the nitrogen from leaching. Due to its good sorption in soil is not washed out and the only nitrogen source for plants for long term.

It is recommended to make a culture sensitive to sulfur deficiency: crucifers ( rapeseed, suripitsya, mustard, turnip, cabbage ), corn, potatoes, onions, garlic, rye, oats, and on soils with sulfur deficiency.

If you use fertilizer for basic introduction, then ammonium sulfate can feed potatoes, better after 8-15 days after planting the tubers. Fertilizers are wrapped into the soil by mechanical loosening.

A one-time application of ammonium sulphate, even on podzolic soils did not significantly affect the change in the reaction of the soil solution, and the systematic application of fertilizers on podzolic and podzolized soils leads to acidification of the soil solution. This feature of the fertilizer into account when using it, spending simultaneously liming the soil.

Ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4:

Do not be compressed. This allows you to use it when digging the soil, and to make the ammonium salt is easy - just sprinkle with ground crystals in the process of digging, slightly recessed faction in the upper horizons. If the granules are distributed unevenly - it's not scary, ammonium quickly enters the diffusion reaction with the soil complex, which allows useful substances are uniformly distributed over the fertile layer.

Readily soluble in water. This is a very useful feature for fertilizer, because it can be used in liquid form, for root and foliar plants.

Ammonium ions quickly lose mobility in the soil complex, which helps preserve nitrogen in a fertile bed for a long time. It does not evaporate in the form of gaseous compounds, not washed away during the rainy season, and almost completely consumed roots.

To protect the nitrogen from the fertilizer composition of this transition in the nitrate form, it is necessary to use ammonium nitrate solution for feeding plants. Thus, the nitrogen does not enter into the nitrification reaction with the soil complex. The more profitable the ammonium salt form? It is much better absorbed by plants, and does not accumulate in their fruits and tubers, even when excessive introduction.

The ammonium sulfate does not apply to toxic substances, does not emit toxic vapors, which greatly simplifies its use as a fertilizer. No need to put on protective clothing and monitor compliance with safety regulations. Another proof of its safety is the fact that this drug is used in the food industry for the cleavage of protein compounds.

Ammonium sulfate

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