Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate - the world's first artificial fertilizer, a pioneer in the production of which in 1905 was the Norwegian company Hydro Agri ( currently the company Yara).

The unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and completely water-soluble calcium is a major agrochemical advantages and features not found in other fertilizers. This makes calcium nitrate one of the most valuable fertilizer occurring in the global market.

Calcium nitrate - a fertilizer that is widely used in agriculture. It is produced in the form of a crystalline salt, and well soluble in water. Its structure contains 19 % calcium and about 13 % nitrogen. Calcium nitrate ( another name for this substance ), almost acidifies the earth in the beds that distinguishes it of urea 46-0-0, and the majority of other nitrogen fertilizers.

Calcium nitrate - a fertilizer nitrate, but strict observance of the terms of use and dose, it has no negative effect on the human body, and is of great benefit to crops.

Available in the form of granules or crystals ( white color ). The fertilizer is highly soluble in water, is highly hygroscopic. The properties are retained even during prolonged storage in a sealed package.

Calcium nitrate is required for:

- Quality of formation of green mass. It reproach photosynthesis in plants promotes quality formation of cell membranes, and thus the plant walls. Calcium, which is part of the fat, contributes to the overall nitrogen assimilation.

- Adding this fertilizer into the soil before planting significantly speeds up the germination of seeds and tubers, through increased enzyme activity.

- Calcium nitrate contributes to a healthy root system resistant to diseases, fungi and bacteria.

- The nitric acid calcium helps the plant survive rapid temperature changes, promotes successful overwintering perennials.

- It also improves the taste, quality and quantity of harvest, and the shelf life of commercial products.

As the nitrogen - calcium feeding for preplant, the agrochemical is ideal, since it needs nitrogen to plants at the initial stage of growth, and the calcium helps to effectively assimilate it. Also it is used for routine feeding of plants during the first half of the growing season, spending foliar feeding.

Especially useful foliar feeding for cucumbers. The first spraying of this culture do after the onset of seedlings on the third leaf, and with 10 days interval repeat this procedure until the onset of the active phase of fruiting. To prepare a solution of 2 g of calcium nitrate in 1 liter of diluted water used immediately. This treatment will warn rot in the root zone of plants.

With the same purpose of tomato seedlings were sprayed one week after transplanting it into the ground. The use of calcium nitrate perfectly protect the young plants from the apical rot, which is especially prone to bush tomatoes, protects them from mites, thrips and slugs. Also, the processing of the calcium salt solution gives a prolonged effect for tomato - even after the termination of its use in the bushes retained a strong immune system, and the ripening tomatoes are protected from the appearance of black rot.

Calcium nitrate is compatible with many fertilizers, except superphosphate, with whom it is impossible to make.

Chemical formula of Calcium nitrate Ca(NO3)2

Calcium nitrate price

Calcium nitrate

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