Nitrogen Fertilizer Urea 46-0-0

Urea - the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen content 46 %), also popularly called forty six zero zero (46-0-0). Urea is readily soluble in water, non-caking, it mixes well with other fertilizers, introduced under all plants. The greatest effect is produced on neutral soils. Urea has a slight alkalizing effect, ie, It reduces the acidity of the soil, however, after nitrification - acidify.As in the open and in greenhouses urea is used in spring and summer. Application in the autumn in a sheltered ground can cause ammonia poisoning of vegetable crops in open field nitrogen leaching occurs with meltwater.

Urea is a dry, very light ( to white ) or transparent granules. The granulation of urea in the production, a high degree, prevents the storage and transport of manure from caking. Urea soluble in many polar solvents , including typical water, which allows its use in its pure form ( granules ) and a desired concentration of the aqueous solution .

How to apply urea?

When using urea 46-0-00as a fertilizer should be borne in mind that just a few days it is transformed and modified under the influence in the soil bacteria during this process produces carbon ammonia, which rather quickly decompose in the open air , so that surface use of urea , of course , possible , but ineffective. One of the conditions for maximum efficiency of urea is its immediate incorporation into the soil . This is due to the fact that this loss

ammonium carbonate ( ammonia gas ) are reduced to a minimum, this increases the penetration of nutrients , in particular nitrogen , into plants.

Regardless of where and by whom manufactured urea, all manufacturers are unanimous in their recommendations and report the instructions on the use of urea that can be used it in any soil as a base fertilizer or as a dressing for fruit and / or vegetable crops.

Despite this flexibility, though it should be noted - different cultures need different amounts of fertilizers, in connection with which experts recommend to make nutritional supplements in certain doses, depending on the actual needs of the plant.

Urea significantly acidify the soil - it is a fact . If the soil is so acidic , it uses limestone ( chalk) to neutralize these processes . It is made with nitrogen fertilizer at the rate of - 1.2 pound of urea , 0.9 pound of limestone .

Chemical formula of urea = CO(NH2)2 = CH4N2O

C1 = 12.01 x 1 = 12.01

H4 = 1.01 x 4 = 4.04

N2 = 14.01 x 2 = 28.02

O1 = 16.0 x 1 = 16.0

Total = 12.01 + 4.04 + 28.02 + 16.0 = 60.07

Percent nitrogen = 28.02/60.07 x 100 = 46.6%

Nitrogen Fertilizer Urea price

Nitrogen Fertilizer Urea 46-0-0

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