Potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate - anhydrous crystalline salt of a white color (sometimes with a yellowish tinge). 


Agriculture. Potassium nitrate is used for root and foliar application. The best effect of making this fertilizer is observed in root vegetables ( carrots, beets ), and berry crops. But for the potato it will not be too effective, he loves phosphorus. Also, it makes no sense to make a potassium nitrate greens, radish and cabbage - it is irrational. Potassium from the composition of the fertilizer much more useful fruit trees and berries (including and tomatoes, because it is also a berry). After making potassium nitrate significantly improved the quality and quantity of the crop - the pulp is saturated with abundant fruit sugars affect the taste of the finished product, and the value of fruit and berries increased. Also, due to the introduction of this agrotuka on stage bookmarks ovaries, improves the keeping quality of fruits, respectively, their shelf life is increased.

Industry. Potassium nitrate is used in the glass industry for optical glass, for the manufacture of mixtures of bleaching and lightening of crystal glass, for improving the strength of glass products, bleaching and brightening technical glass.

Potassium nitrate is used in the electric industry, in the production of black powder in the manufacture of enamels, termosoley, coolants.

How to Make Potassium Nitrate

In nature, potassium nitrate occurs as poorer deposits. At home, the potassium nitrate may be prepared from compost, manure which include , fly ash, lime, twigs and other organic substances. As a result of biochemical processes in a compost formed potassium nitrate. It is leached with water to give a relatively pure product.

In the chemical industry potassium nitrate is prepared in several ways:

- Neutralization with nitric acid, alkalis.

- Absorption of potassium hydroxide solution of nitrous gases.

- Conversion method. This is the most common method of producing potassium nitrate. It is based on the expansion of the exchange of potassium chloride and sodium nitrate.

NaNO3+ KCl → NaCl + KNO3

- Nitrogen oxides and potassium chloride Interaction 

Chemical formula of Potassium nitrate KNO3 

Potassium nitrate price

Potassium nitrate

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