Although double superphosphate has been manufactured since 1872, little has been written about it and it was almost unknown to farmers until recent years. Improvements in processes for making double superphosphate and an increasing realization of its advantages have greatly increased its use in recent years.

Double superphosphate contains in its composition a concentrated phosphorus. Sometimes, the content can reach 40 percent or more. Most often it is used in the fall, at least - to make priposadochnogo and root fertilizing. The dose recommended for use, must be split into two, or the concentrate may simply burn the roots.

The price of double superphosphate higher than typical. This is due to a higher concentration of a basic element in the composition of the fertilizer. As a result, double superphosphate is still advantageous, since it has a more potent effect in smaller amounts.

This fertilizer is often used for fruit trees and shrubs. Making it fall, in well loosened and peeled from the grass tree trunks, in the following doses:

- Young apple tree (up to 3 years) - 60-75 g;

- Apple tree (5-10 years) - 170-220 g;

- Cherry, plum, apricot - 50-70 g;

- Gooseberries, currants - 35-50 g;

- Raspberry - 20 g per 1 square meter.

Typical superphosphate is also used for these bushes, but the amount you make to be increased by half.

Double superphosphate formula



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